About MevvSan


My name is Mevlinn Gusick, and I am the owner, designer, and creator behind MevvSan. At first crochet started off as just a hobby for me. As a student in college I had so much free time between classes I had to find something fun to do. Crochet was the perfect thing! That was all the way back in 2010.

It didn’t take long before my hobby took over my life.  After graduating in 2013 I moved to Portugal to live with my amazing husband.  That was when I decided to sell my original designs full-time over on Etsy. It wasn't until Fall of 2023 that I decided to make this website!

I'm so glad that I decided make crochet my full-time job.  Now, not only can I make the most adorable amigurumi for my friends and family but everyone else can too.


It shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone who knows me that birds are my biggest inspiration. As a child I had a little lutino cockatiel named Motley. She was an amazing companion and I considered her my greatest source of support for 14 long years. Because of her I now have a life long passion for birds.

This passion shows itself in my work by the large amount of crochet bird patterns I make. Good thing there are so many birds in this world, I'll never run out of things to make!

What about the name?

MevvSan comes from the combination of my first and middle names, Mevlinn Suesan. In Japanese culture San is a suffix added to names to show respect to that person. Because amigurumi supposedly originated in Japan many people believe that is what the San in MevvSan stands for. But no, MevvSan is only one word. Still what a happy little coincidence. :)